Energetic and Ritual Healing actions can now be made over video call to anywhere in the world.

My fluidity with digital spaces and practices has alwys existed alongside and through my artistic research. I also built my own practice about how to  operate with energy exchanges over the internet. I have been working with opening compassionate spaces, protection of shared digital realms, digital empowerments since 2019. Cybernetics are a passageway towards experiencing multi-realities, multi-dimensions or quantum spaces, outside of space and time.

In order to work online, I also learn from / blend traditional techniques of distance healing : including principles operating in Tao Hands, Reiki and Quantum Timelines, and of course: the healing qualities of specific sounds in combination with Spirit Guides and connecting to certain power.


In a video call session for ritual work we take the same structure as an in person session.

In the beginning I will ask you to vision the ending of a certain colour of thread/rope and through this initial connection I will journey to meet your energetic-body or Luminous Energy Feild in non ordinary reality states.

There, we undergo the same types of Earth Medicine / Core Shamanic Sessions, where I can look into and work directly with energy and move power. You can simply recieve, lie back, relax and encounter the sounds coming organically from the work transmitted across our Video connection.


The interconnected networks exist offline - vibration and resonances.

Distance work can be made for divination journeys, where a client receives answers to posed questions.

The work can be made without you needing to physically be here or online.

Clear permission must be granted first and your full name given to me to begin with as a base to seek your networks.

Distance Healing can also be made in the form of strong wishes - in the instance of wanting to support friends or family members, for example through serious illness, ( also for those who might not be able o give explicit consent ) .

This can be a single time, or repetative action made over a longer time period.



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