Ongoing online and multi-media project (Sound + Visual Art)
Exhibited through a multidue of various forms, since 2016 .

Consumer Refund is an experimental critique of modern day economics and social formations of production, industrialisation, and the current state of psychic health, focused on navigating and understanding the delicate balance of ‘functional nonsense’ within today’s collective interpretation of life’s purpose. This project is concerned with mass-agreed upon value systems.

The aim of Consumer Refund is to re-build the psychic vessel and re-evaluate the worth of the feminine energy within society. Perhaps this is : Intuition.

Using connections to charged symbollic matter, Consumer Refund connects and creates by helping manifest a ‘feeling’ or experience within an audience, participant, consumer, looking for a space for pure creativity to exist within the systems of a post-internet society: bodiless, faceless...? CR interacts with the collective conscious/unconsious.

Endeavouring to remain focused for the collective, C-R connects to specific esoteric and art soft matter : intuitive fodder and research of the Self, through an online dream archive which remains open to the public and anonymous.

The two words “CONSUMER” and “REFUND”, are in unison, but also in disagreement.

By amplifying the strange and bittersweet connections mirrored by opposing dual concepts of human existence; the systems which we work within, (often working against our human nature), these absurd shared decisions we have made about our existence, become amplified within the details of associations we hold to particular imagery, objects, actions and sound. Through working with dreams and the imagination, one can mediate and communicate beyond language.

United, ‘CONSUMER-REFUND’ is a constant back and forth communication, a creative machine focused on mediating collective and personal wounds, of two parts meeting in the one place: the ying yang.

C-R’s exhibitions/live performances:

27th Janurary 2018, CONSUMER REFUND, Hybrid/Live, Borshch / Blender Studios, Berlin.

22nd September 2017, OHM Berlin, Consumer Refund / (Live / Hybrid) / Patterns of Perception

18th August 2017, WITCH RAVE, CONSUMER REFUND (Live), Treptow Insel, Berlin

28th Janurary, 2017,  Queer Healing Berlin, CONSUMER REFUND, Dreamworking Private Sessions, TRIQ Berlin.

18th November, 2016, Bad Conscience, CONSUMER REFUND, (Live), Loophole, Berlin

11th May, 2016, C-R Exhibition / Consumer Refund Workshop Facilitation: Imagination Language; Paint Session, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

Dreamwork ran between 2015 - 2020 as an anonymous, one-on-one communication about dreams, over the internet through the C-R Website.

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