Psychic Constellations/Mapping
Pencil, Paper Rolls, Acrylic, Graphite, 2015-6

Constellation maps support a multiplicity of being to integrate, by allowing the holistic flavour of interconnectedness to exist as a realm of its very own [and out of the jostling for attention in the mind].

Pictured is a mapping on a single piece of paper. I soon began using long rolls of paper after this, to allow for continual free expansion, spanning over weeks as visual footprint.

All that is encountered in dreams, sensations, visions, downloads - and how the experience of emotion as evolving realm - are all important parts of making compassionate inquiry with psychic mapping.

This became a powerful artistic psychic process to pinpoint where trapped power resides. Understanding what each realm is serving and further perpetuating is a process. Psychic mapping and constellation works on finding new dynamics and new pathways for energy to reside within a growing and fluid identity construct.

We are fluid and limitless beings, larger, more divinely chaotic and thus more complex than what the thinking mind [and the general consensus of ‘the group’] can fathom.

Continuation of the work:

This work later inspired free painting workshops called ‘Imagination Language’ [2017] which orchestrated a collective open space for abstract painting.

Imagination Language was a space where artist orchestrating the space tried to remain insivibe, buy suggesting and opening curiosity and comfortable, safe meta-vessel for attendees to express themselves through paint, on the walls of the room, which were covered in paper.

On Invisible Leadership:
“When a master governs, the people are hardly aware that (s)he exists...[...]
The master doesnt talk, (s)he acts.
When (her)his work is done, the people say: “Amazing. We did it. All by ourselves.”” - Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

In 2021, this process became part of my praxis work.


We come to realise that the universe mirrors back to us perfectly our beliefs, our intentions, our sincerity. What is the product of the map of reality you carry inside of you. If you want to change your experience, you need to change the map.
- Alberto Villoldo, PhD


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