Psychic Constellations/Mapping
Pencil, Paper Rolls, Acrylic, Graphite, 2016

Constellation maps to support a multiplicity of being to integrate, by allowing the holistic flavour of interconnectedness to exist as a realm of its very own [and out of the jostling for attention in the mind].

Pictured is a mapping on a single piece of paper. I soon began using long rolls of paper to allow for continual and free expansion, spanning over weeks as visual symbolic footprint / diary. This work later inspired workshops called ‘Imagination Language’ [2017] which orchestrated a collective open space for abstract painting.

In 2021 this process became part of my praxis work in healing - as a way to guide others in holding totality of being through balance, with respect to our great multiplicities.

All that is encountered in dreams, sensations, visions, downloads - and how the experience of emotion as evolving realm - are all important parts of making compassionate inquiry with psychic mapping.

This became a powerful way to find a place for new energy to reside within identity.


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