World Builders, Get discerning about the flow of clean power.

Everything the current economic societal machine teaches us about ‘what power is’, is defunct, and worthy of questioning.

Intentionalised energy is power.

How can we intentionalise it?

Add will.

How to add your will?

Feel it in your body. Feel it in your heart.

Embody it.

How do we build it up inside the body?
Try rhythm, movement, intentional expression of emotion.


When we are in full power - as power is relational, what we give is valued deeply and what we receive is valued deeply.

Being out of alignment with our full power is not our fault [its collective].

How to begin generating our own power - is to understand we have power already. [That’s massive.]

It’s hidden within agency.

Not only in the conscious space, it also needs to be in understood in how we intimately relate to our own unconscious and innerworlds.
[Shadow work, Soul work.]

Beloved shadow and trauma selves are holding dearly onto a bunch of inscribed power relations which are allowing our intentions to be diluted and confused.
Clean it up.



Power is a feeling in the body and a movement.

The point of a shamanic analytic technique is to generate and embody raw power that can be passed through the body and into and through other beings, tools or projects.


What truly empowers people, situations and phenomena around us, is our personal power that we pass through our bodies - through clean intentions of fostering energy gardens. So friendship, or healthy admiration, in it’s most clean state, [unconditional love and acceptance] is a transmitter of massive power.


The “extractivist mindset” is the opposite of that.

Power is thought here to be a status.

But the extractivist mindset is one which sucks personal power of everything and everyone because at the core, it believes it has to, in order to survive.

The issue of the extractivist mindset is the belief that it has no core power of its own - and that’s its entire illusion.

When we believe we have no personal power we are likely to be in the extractivist's grid.

Extracting power by force, or by shadow contract, is illusions of power. A slippery slope and hard to stay on top...

Excractivist Mindset =  A culture of narcissism.

Narcissim can also just come about if we are not in aligment with holding our own souls mission - and we accidently suck the vitatlity of others. OUCH!
There is narcissist within all of us... I do not mean to demonise that part of us, at all. If we give that part of us love - It’s unfolds into a portal.

[...go through the wounds...]



What defines having personal power, [for me at least], is the ability to give it on, as clean.

That’s a fundament of Shamanic Practition.

That means we need our own empowerment techniques that connect our own source of empowerment directly from the metaphysical realm.

[no strings, right relationships!]

The point of being a conduit of power is to hollow yourself out - to soothe your images of “I”,

Release the attachment to narratives of suffering and release the possessions to samsara which weigh you down or take up excess amount of energy.

Attachments [unconscious + emotional] can be taking away our energy and focus from having clear intention to carry soul-level missions in focus.

Becoming a clean “hollow bone” for the power transferral of your intention can also be made in an art practice or in any capacity of business. 

Every practice is a metaphysical practice.

Those who are able to build and transmit clean power to others are the ones who truly do possess personal power - not those who grasp at control and attempt to stay ‘ontop’.

*** Our empathy needs to remember that it is the one with the power. ***

Real power is always empathy!

It is inside your over-flowing-self-love. To build it, that empathy needs to come to ourselves, first, while we looking deeply into the uncompromising mirror and realise that the real thing we are grieving having lost connection to, is within.

Clean power is about giving a voice to our unique personal preference and living that choice out, with as much grace and self-respect as one can muster...

Building power with you from the inside out,


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