Rough stills of an audience member’s video documentation, 2011-12.
Monster Ronsons Ichiban Kareoke, Berlin.
Exhibited throughout Berlin’s, Queer Underground,  2011 - 2013.

This work was largely un-named, un-documented, and carried out within Berlin’s underground queer and club scene between the years 2011 - 2013.

Made in connection to a larger thesis about the Open Grotesque Body and Aktionist Live Art as expression of devoured female idenity body. [ Find the paper on the theory page. ]

These performances were multi sensory experinces of excess.
Excessive costumes, food, and viseral materials mixed in with obscure action in sync with live action video and sounds derived from consumer culture.

This work expressed the psychic fragmentation, personal and collective trauma of the feminine within the modern machine, through the abject body.

Much later understood these performances as a precurser in an initiation pathway towards core-shamanic work, rhythm, symbol, expression and shapeshifting.

“..with the artist continually repeating the same action, certain zones are taken to the point where they turn into impenetrable, compacted blackness.”
- Verlag Dusseldorf, V;  Paul Mc Carthy; Brain box dream box; pp11

#abject #violence #trauma #femaleidenitybody #escape #embodiment #actionist 

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