Voltage 2.0 - Opening & Closing Rituals for Akkamiau / Lena Kocisova + Collective - [A] Live Art A/V Performance Happenings
Core Shamanic Opening, Holding and Cleaning of Spaces for Audio Visual Live Performances

March 11th and 12th / Vierte Welt / Berlin GE
April 7th and 8th / NGO DEI / Prague CZ

"Voltage 2.0 is an audiovisual performance based on the premises of deep ecology and ecofeminism. Referring to the electric pressure, difference in electric potential between two points, Voltage is defined as the work needed to bring a charge from one location to another.
This piece deals with the ongoing tension between natural and human-built structures, as energy."


Project Credits:
Music, Concept, Production: Lena Kocisova www.akkamiau.weebly.com
Visuals: Jana Francova www.janafrancova.cz
Dance & Choreography: Marlene Kahl, Sevgim Canay Doertyol, Calvin Bernauer, of Collapsetofraction and Marketa Kuttnerova, Magdalena Junkova and Jolana Sturmova.


Opening and closing ritual is offered by Sarah, working with core shamanic techniques with respect to holistic ancient wisdom.

We wrap the space in recognition, gratitude and respect for the unknown and metaphysical elements of our existential situation.

In the opening of the space, the work is made to build power within energetic architectures, encasing the performance within charged compassionate power.

Four cardinal points are greeted with spiritual and archetypal energy welcomed into the central point.

The extension into 5 points of attention* is made by opening a channel to the centre of the earth and a channel above, stretching into a great central sun.

The audience is included through being bathed and wrapped with sounds from the shaker.

In the closing of the space, the realm is soothed, thanked, we return to the cardinal points once more in recognition and gratitude.

We pass the excess energy from the aliveness generated through Voltage 2.0 back into the centre of the earth.

*Ref: Practices originating through Huichol Shamanism. 


Support in Process and Development: Calvin Bernauer and Collapse To Fraction Collective. www.collapsetofraction.com

Images thanks to Loretta Lau of Ngo Dei, Valentin Kahl and Robert Carrithers.

Supported by @fondbudoucnosti_zukunftsfonds

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