Sarah Martinus (Melbourne, Australia, 1987) is an artist, working with creativity, integration and the un-manifested, exploring identity, embodiment, psyche, emotion and co-realities within the collective. Through core-shamanic practise, grounded within dreamwork and coupled with research into consciousness and archetype - Sarah’s work opens a communication with transcendental inner imagery. High importance is put on authenticity, improvisation and synchronicity, influenced by mythology, aktionist art theory, neo-concretism, radical transformability and the abject. Across abstract painting, ritual, sound and experience/happenings, she addresses the inner-experience as product, often focusing on concurrent metaphysical spaces. She currently makes research into shamanic perspectives of digitalisation as an integration tool, and has presented this work through sound and writing, with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe (2020) and as performance happening with CTM Festival Hacklab Berlin (2018).

The threads of her degree in Design (1.Hons.) from R.M.I.T. Melbourne drew her towards an exploratory and collaborative program in transformative sustainability; where reflecting upon radical theories of toxicity and the connection of the human body with its environment, developed her deep interest in working with the collective unconscious. Since 2015, Sarah utilises the internet to foster a personal, yet anonymous connection through project: CONSUMER REFUND, where individuals may integrate their subconscious matter (dreams) into her archive via private experience [archive]. She continues to study connection with metaphysical space through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, began in 2015.

Sarah's work with performance, video, sound and image has been exhibited internationally in institutions such as Screenspace (Melbourne) curated by Laura Castagnini, festivals such as At.tention festival (Lärz), Atrium Space (Melbourne) and fortyfivedownstairs (Melbourne) together with live art collaboration Spill Collective. She has performed live in club settings, namely OHM (Berlin), and has brought multimedia performance art into spaces such as about:blank (Berlin) curated by Sylvia Sadzinski, embracing accessibility of live art as mutual exchange with Berlin’s underground club music scene. In 2016 Sarah founded and curated independent conceptual art and music space: Aether (Berlin), focusing on post-internet, conceptual art and sound.

Sarah defends independent, non dual, innovative, interrogative, respectful and subversive creation.

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- credits to CTM Festival,  Siri Nyström, Sarah Martinus