Sarah Martinus is a processual energy worker, working with creativity, integration and the unmanifested, exploring identity, body, psyche, emotion and [subjective] reality.

Through core-shamanic practise, presence and a growing array of energetic practices, coupled with reseach into conciousness theory and shamanic perspectives of the future - Sarah opens a discussion with transcendental inner-eye imagery through painting/drawing, sound, action and writing. Her interests are often focused on an expression of concurrent metaphysical spaces, with focus on inner-experience and journey, as opposed to product.

Higher importance is put on authenticity and chance of creation rather than aesthetic or structural planning of an end product. Importance is noticed within chance random occurrences, improvisation, synchronicities and ‘mistakes’ limitations, or sufferings.

Sarah defends independant, innovative, interrogative, respectful yet subversive creation.

Her process is grounded within a practise of core-shamanic ritual, tarot and dreamwork. She is influenced by mythology, archetypal psychology, consciousness theory, spiritual philosophy, aktionist art theory, neo-concretism, radical sustainability [transformability] and abject art.

Individuals may integrate their subconsious matter (dreams) into her work via private experience accessed over an
online archive,

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- credits to CTM Festival,  Siri Nyström, Sarah Martinus, Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe