To those who are pulling the darkness into the light, against all odds, and freeing themselves from the shackles of generational curses,

Grandmother Spider brings the wisdom of RESTING. She’s the one telling us all to REST and SLOW DOWN.

During darkest, coldest moments of winter, the hibernating winter bear takes only one breath per minute.

Winter hibernation answers the natural need to slow down.

Everything is slow in the physical reality right now, it is ok to just be shuffling through at your own pace.

It does not mean things are not rapidly evolving on the other planes.

Actually everything is moving very fast there.

We are coming into a total new alignment by shedding something we no longer need. And it’s 100% collective.


If you're in the dark, don't forget to call in companionship.

It's so simple to light a candle, and call in for the power when you need it. A lit candle is a great companion.

Another way to tilt the situation towards health: Give an offering. An apple? A leaf? Find one thing you see beauty in, on your windowsill or on a walk outside, and give it to the chaos of the moment.

If we are able to see beauty in something it generates AWE as felt experience.

It not only means we co-recognise our own beauty - which offers a HUGE unconscious and simple jump out from places of trauma-mind-stuck-ness.

But the feeling of AWE totally changes our somatic resonance and touches the heart directly!

It blasts away all lower vibration caused by negative or stuck emotion.


Where to offer this leaf, then? To the wind? To the fire? Or shall it be eaten?

For Self-retrieval - you know you, best.

If you’re here reading this or working with me - I am here as a reflection of what you already know.

You are choosing agency, autonomy, sovereignty, you are choosing to ask in and trust your own connection to power.


Resting with you+++


P.S // If you choose an interesting way to give offerings, I would love to hear...

I like weaving grasses into circles and sending them out onto the canal.

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